Reduce & Save-5 Ways To Create More Time

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So, you have written down your activities with which you want to fill your day with, so now the challenge is how do you move from paper to actually doing them?

1. Have a daily to do list

Number them according to priority. Indicate which item on your list are worth spending a little more time on. Check off each item as soon as you complete each task. If you were not able to finish, carry over that task to your next day to do list.

2. Sync your calendars

Don't risk missing important appointment because it's on only one calendar. If you have a computer or laptop, cell phone, tablet sync them so that you would see your appointments on at least 2 devices. There are many tools and apps to assist you. Schedule your most important task first, you may find that you will  have time for the less important things to complete.

3. Realize that you will not have time for everything

Choose tasks or activities that would yield the most results. Think about other tasks that are urgent or needs your attention right away. Would you need help? If you can't get them done, then delegate to someone who is capable of completing that task for you. Unimportant activities can wait for a few weeks if necessary. Concentrate on things that you feel that is truly worthwhile to your goals.

4. Keep a time log

To see where most of your time going, keep a time record for 2 to 4 weeks. Is your time spent on unimportant things? How many people interrupt you constantly? Is it the same people? Are they time wasters? Are you more likely to be interrupted on certain time of the day or week? Recognize and remove people or activities that have crept in.

5. Decrease interruptions

Block off a certain time of the day which you are not disturbed unless its absolutely necessary. Turn down or off your cell phones, turn off pop-ups and notifications that tend to interrupt during that time you are working.

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Do the most unpleasant task first or as soon as possible. Once it's done you are more likely to work through less challenging activities.

Final Thoughts

1. Have a to do list. Check of items as you accomplish them. Carry over task that is incomplete to the next day.

2. Realize that you will not have time for everything. Choose task that would give you the most results. Concentrate on things that you feel that is truly worthwhile to your goals.

3. Keep a time log. Recognize and remove people or activities that take most of your time.

What are your thoughts on the challenges of how you can reduce or save more time? What tips would you share on how you manage your time as a female entrepreneur? I would love to hear from you.

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